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MERU GLOBAL: A Letter From Our Managing Partner

Dear clients, prospects, stakeholders and friends:

In the fourth quarter of 2017 we pulled back the curtain -- following months of preparation, stress, moments of disillusionment fully offset by excitement -- with the targeted roll-out of Meru Global’s inaugural product offering and pricing structure.  

Thanks first and foremost to those people on the receiving end of this note who either advised, mentored, subsidized, humored or provided feedback along the way.  I hope this message reflects significant progress from my original unstructured theoretical incoherence that each of you endured at some point during this journey.  

While keeping this inaugural note brief, I did want to share my first main lesson to-date, as an overnight, self-labeled “CEO” and “Founder.”  That is: My full appreciation that my prior skillset as a professional, internal, investment analyst relative to the skillset required in the salesman-newco-CEO seat are very, very different beasts indeed.  

The subsequent required learning curve has been humbling, but greater parts invigorating, and one I have attacked with focus not seen in some time.  This has been driven by my true belief in both our current product, but also my internal vision for what I am attempting to build over the years and hopefully decades to come.

Personal reflections complete:

This periodic distribution will normally serve as a highly targeted megaphone and branding mechanism attached to what is usually a fully-closed ecosystem platform/community.  Its main purpose will be to create, define and drive our Company’s external equity currency value over the long term.  

However, today’s inaugural version will simply serve to share my earlier thoughts concluding below with a concise company introductory overview aimed to inform and update our current clients, stakeholders, as well as any other of its recipients.  


Philip Capone, CFA
Managing Partner
Meru Global